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Frisbee Kids
by Aniko Zala, Staff Writer

Every summer Frisbee kids from all over the area are drawn together. A great, magnetic force pulls them to the fields at Hawken High School. The mysterious force is the Cleveland Disc Association: the thing for anyone into frisbee. The Cleveland Disc Association organizes teams to play Ultimate Frisbee. This sport is for anyone who enjoys a good-natured, competitive atmosphere and, obviously, frisbee. The teams play exciting games every week, but, sadly, it is only a summer thing. As the summer closes, the season ends.
Playing Ultimate one season a year wasn't enough for the "frisbee kids." They decided to snub conventionality and start their own fall league. And thus, this fall West G. has a new sport to offer. West G's Ultimate Frisbee Fall League will be orchestrated by our own local frisbee kid, junior Rob Goehrke. Frisbee kids from schools around the area will set up their own teams that West G. will play against. And so will begin year one of the Ultimate Frisbee Fall League.
The games are played seven-on-seven, meaning seven players from each team are on the field at the same time. Normally there are about sixteen kids per team who rotate in. The purpose is to score as many touchdowns as possible without moving, while still holding the disc. This game is madly fast-paced but still easy to play. If you're worried about interference with other commitments, do not fret. The Frisbee kids are basically the most flexible kids around. According to Robbie, games will be about once per week from early October until, ".whenever the weather gets bad," in November. The infrequent practices will be at night and probably won't interfere with anything you're interested in, be it soccer or poetry club.
To get involved or for more information, talk with Rob Goehrke. Players can join any time, even once the season has started, and skill level is definitely not a concern. When asked about it, Robbie offered, "If you throw a disc and have legs, you're good. And even if you can't throw, we'll teach you. No legs? You're out of luck."

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