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Are you ready for the new Sensation?
An Editorial by the Whirlwind Staff

Cancer in the cupboard! Bombs with a bang! Incredible sex-ring in your neighborhood busted!

Got your attention? Good.

News is becoming increasingly indistinguishable from entertainment. Papers and networks are running more and more sensational stories that are (for the most part) devoid of hard news and hard analysis.

Why? News organizations are, in essence, nothing more than corporations Like all corporations, their chief interest is in making money: they're starting to catch on - sensationalism sells.

There are more mediums competing for people's attention now than there were in the past. With personal CD players, video games, the Internet, three HBO's, and 257 other sparkling channels, it's no wonder historically honorable news organizations are lowering their standards to attract an audience. In this digital age people are more likely to give their time and interest to a flashy headline, a glittering picture, and a scandalous story than to real news.

The press is an American institution we can't afford to lose. Don't settle for trivia and glitter: demand real news and real analysis. And we, the members of the Whirlwind staff, will do our best to provide it for you if and when it appears in our corner of the world here at West Geauga High.

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