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Pizza, Pizza!!
by Julie Murawski, Sports Editor

Chesterland has become a pizza lover's dream. Pizza joints have come for a year or so and then left, while some have been here for fifty years; some have not even lasted a couple of months. At present Chesterland has Guido's, Geppetto's, Zeppe's and Oven Fresh. We are about to find out if this town is ready for one more. By the end of September, the 11,212 residents of Chester Township will have a Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza chain, located in more than eighty eight countries. The closest Pizza Hut to Chesterland is in Mayfield Heights. It takes approximately sixteen minutes to get there from the high school, according to Map Quest. Other close Pizza Huts are located in Chardon and Orange, each taking about twenty minutes to get to. Our Pizza Hut will be located at the corner of Mayfield Road and Chillicothe.

The location of Pizza Hut is within walking distance of all the other pizza places that we currently have, so it could mean that existing pizza places might lower their prices to compete with the pizza giant. Mr. Mike Joyce, the Chester Township zoning commissioner, said to plan on Pizza Hut being open by the end of September. He said that statistics show people eat more pizza in the month of October than any other month. Mr. Tom Bassista, and his company Western Reserve Properties, owns the property and he would like to have the restaurant in at the end of the month to establish it for the October rush.

The addition of Pizza Hut will be a interesting development to this community. It will either be a success or will come crashing down. Either way, people will now have the opportunity to enjoy Pizza Hut pizza at a closer location.

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