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"Poetry Rocks Your Face"
by Aniko Zala, Staff Writer

With that, Dave Flood initiated West G's poetry club. Free Verse, albeit an informal club, had quite a following by the end of last year. Unfortunately, most of the kids who came to the meetings graduated and the future of Free Verse looked somewhat bleak. What was there to do with the essentially defunct club? Why, what else but revamp it!

This year three seniors, Jon Hanover, Andy Plank and yours truly, have taken the reins from Free Verse's founder, Dave Flood. The club will still meet in Mr. Connel's room, but most everything else seems to be ready for a change. First, it'll be noticeably more ambitious. The plan is to develop an appreciation for the lyric word within West G. With Free Verse, look forward to being exposed to all kinds of poetry, be it contemporary or classic, by metaphysical or beat poets, even poetry written by fellow classmates. There'll be presentations on different poets and periods of poetry once per week. These presentations will actually be researched for and orchestrated by the three advisors. Check out the calendars that should be in your English classroom to see what's happening when. Feel free to stop in at any time.

This totally student-run club will not only expose readers to all kinds of poetry in an open, conversational forum. It will also help readers decipher what on earth John Donne was talking about. Free Verse will organize poetry readings at various times throughout the year. Also, anything of interest in the community, like opportunities for poetry readings and lectures around the Cleveland area, will always be presented.

This year Free Verse still has an open invitation for anyone simply interested in an afternoon of poetry. For more information, refer to the multitude of signs and flyers that should be around the school soon. Or, if you need interaction, talk to your English teacher or brave it and talk to Jon or Andy.

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