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Really Into to Reality Telivision
by HeatherVitale, Staff Writer

Every week, lots of reality television shows hit the tube. Will reality television replace all other shows? With such a variety of shows to chose from, its hard not to pick one and become addicted. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Fear Factor, Joe Millionaire, For Love Or Money, Will You Marry My Dad, Real World, Road Rules and Paradise Hotel are just some of the current favorites.

In an interesting study, many people have admitted that reality shows are extremely addicting. They are so unpredictable; no one is sure what the characters will do next. It an amusing way to pass the time and also appealing to talk about. Today's news is barely watched by some, while other television shows have all been seen and done before (i.e. sitcoms, cop dramas). Reality TV gives the audience something to look forward to each week.

Some people are against these programs and refuse to watch them. They feel reality television is degrading and one of the lowest forms of entertainment. Nevertheless, it looks like reality television is here to stay.

Will TV dramas, news and sitcoms be shoved completely out of existence? It's unlikely, but they will become harder and harder to find amid a swarm of reality television shows that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

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