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Dating for Dummies
An editorial by Katie Wilber, Staff Writer

I was puzzled as to what to write for this article. After being assigned an
article on dating, I knew I was not the person to give advice. Surely, there are
many students out there, like myself, who have never had much luck in
relationships. I went to long-lasting couples and asked them for their advice.
This article is meant to give advice to those who are dating, to those who
have dated or to those who will someday date. Thus, this article is meant for every
student in the school. Dating is tough, its gruesome and its something everyone
will go through. The couples interviewed have been dating for 6 months to years.
I asked them what they thought was the most important thing one should know
before entering a dating relationship. These students are upperclassmen that have
gone through a good portion of their high school years together. They have
obviously done something rights since they’re relationships are still going strong.
Take this advice from the ones who know.
Keri O’Donnell and Reed Ruthenburg
Together for: 2 years
Advice: “Always look towards the future and not the past. Love is the power to forgive.”
Evan Ekhstrand and Christiane Beffle
Together for: 6 months
Advice: “ Make sure your friends before you start dating.”
Gina Jukiewicz and Dominic Goodrich
Together for: 1 year 8 months
Advice: “Verbalize your feelings and be sure to express your love for eachother.”
Susy Sharpe and Nick Crow
Together for: 4 years
Brad New and Danielle Shea
Together for: 10 months
Advice: “Be affectionate”
Ryan Jensen and Krista Marchand
Together for: 20 months
Advice: “ Always tell eachother the honest truth even if it will get you in trouble.”
Bryan Yenc and Nikki Tranchita
Together for: 1 year 5 months
Advice: “Be honest, have fun and don’t take things too seriously.”
Eric Duncan and Melissa Stevens
Together for: 1 year 5 months
Advice: “Make sure you know that it’s right”
Robbie Goehrke and Calla Wright
Together for: 1 year 6 months
Advice: “Guys will be morons, you just have to forgive them because they don’t know any better.”

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