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Order In The Court
by Gabe Schlesinger, Staff Writer

"Order in the court!" was the first line heard on November 19 and 20 as the high school drama, Night Of January 16, opened. The cast included, in order of appearance, Vanessa Pintabona, Dan Butters, Alyssa Balzanno, Lyndsay Monaco, Steven Saracino, Lauren Koenig, Chase Poole, Andrew, Gary Schwartz, Corey Madden, Kat Lee, Ian Wilson, Vince Gehlfuss, Courtney Cikach, Megan Messer, Gabe Schlesinger, Jackie Marlow, Leah Frires, Tony Stricker, and Christianne Beffel.
The play is centered around Bjorn Faulkner, a billionaire who owns corporations the world over. When he is murdered, his girlfriend (Karen) is brought in and his wife (Nancy) and father-in-law (John Whitfield) leave and aren't seen again. At the beginning eleven people from the audience are called up to be jurors that night.
The play opens up on Karen's trial where numerous witnesses, parade in front of the jury and audience testifying to various degrees of Karen's guilt. In the middle of Elmer Sweeney's testimony, however, a commotion is heard from behind the audience and out pop John Graham Whitfield and his daughter, Nancy Lee Faulkner. From here it really gets interesting for the rest of the show.
After a closing arguments from both attorneys and a brief flashback of important facts from everyone's individual testimony, the jury was ready. The endings are what make this play truly memorable. Each night had a different ending made on popular opinion from the jury. The first night Karen was found not guilty and Nancy Lee proceeds to break down and winds up trying to gun down Andre, only to shoot her father, John Graham Whitfield.
The second night, the rolls are switched as Andre is found guilty and trying to shoot Nancy Lee; she hits Regan, who in a spectacular display “hams” up his death to last some twenty seconds. After he finally dies, Dr Kirkland runs out checks his pulse and in his high nasal voice declares, "He's Dead!" Then with a nasal, "Eeeeeeeeeeeee", he rushes off and the curtain closes.
The cast and crew of Night of January 16, gave a tremendous performance and the cast and crew would like to personally congratulate everyone involved with the show and propose three cheers for our directors, Mr. Dan Reich and Megan Tuttle, the producer and stage manager, Cindy South, the set designer Megan Lykins, and the lights and sound crew headed by Mr. Tom Booth, Bryce Mathiott, Joe McCormick, Evan Ekstrand, Ian Flynn, Matt White, Mike Repas, Greg Lloyd, Nicole Malone, Dave Walters, Andrew Drockton, Tom Murray, and Matt Dean.

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