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Danced the night Away
by Katie Brinager, Editor

The checks are paid, the dresses are hung up, and the shoes are put away. For some it was their first, while for many it was their last. This year’s Homecoming events are over, but it was a week to remember and night to relive.
For many (specifically the members of student council), the morning started at
8 a.m., beginning the set-up process. Many students were at the school until 4:30 in the afternoon, while others were at the hairdressers getting nails painted and having hair stylists create masterpieces with their locks. Groups of girls (or boys) and dates met at each other’s houses to have the “parentals” load the film and snap away with the cameras. Next up was the place of dinner. Going to different places like Firefly, Bravo and Buco de Beppo, students enjoyed a nice night out on the town.
At 8 p.m. the dance began to the sounds of SJA and Associates Entertainment Services, who unfortunately didn’t play the students’ favorites. “We tried talking to him, but he obviously thought he had a better idea of what people dance to,” commented Brittney Thrush, co-chair of the dance. With the theme being Minuit A Paris, an Eiffel Tower was placed in the gym and stood around seventeen feet tall. A little bit into the dance, the tower collapsed, which is still being investigated, considering it stood all day at set-up. Other decorations were torn down in the hallways and taken into the dance to be smashed and crushed. “We thought the destruction of the decorations was unfortunate, but we ended up having a good time despite what happened,” said Kelly Paschke, co-chair of the dance.
Around 9:30 p.m. the court was introduced, along with the Homecoming Queen, Courtney Cikach, and her escort, Craig Markert. “It was amazing to be queen and it was something I’d never thought I’d get. I feel honored to be on court with such great girls. It’s something I’ll never forget,” commented Courtney. They all danced to a special song, Frank Sinatra’s The Way You Look Tonight, while everyone gathered around to watch. The night came to an end at 11:30 p.m. with the fast song, Goodies, by Ciara. Senior Jayna Chelm commented on her last homecoming, “Even though people complained about the music, it was so much fun I didn’t care.” Freshman Kathleen Dolphin’s homecoming was, “…good. The hallways looked good. I had a lot of fun.”
Everyone went his/her separate ways, either going to after-parties or sleeping at each other’s homes. The next morning many people had to get back to their regular schedules, whether it was cleaning up the remains of the dance, attending church, or going to the Browns game.

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