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Labels are for food, not People.
by Jenna Waldmuller and Mike Amicarelli, Staff Writers

Have you ever been made fun of? Put down because of your beliefs? Been the center of a joke because of how you wear your clothes? If you’re a teenager, then most likely you have been a victim. Ever since the age of time teenagers have been criticizing each other. Whether it’s been about clothes, personal beliefs, opinions, taste in music, even how they walk and talk, people have been criticized.
Teasing is just a part of life, right? Wrong, while friendly teasing is funny most of the time, other times teasing can be hurtful. Sometimes the situation goes beyond teasing, and the case can turn into acts of hate. Since teens are especially sensitive to criticism at this stage of their lives, malicious teasing/hate can cause eating disorders, depression, and in the most extreme situations, suicide. Who’s to say they are wrong for what they wear, how they act, what they believe or how they live their lives?
The bottom line is that all people, no matter what their background/appearance is, deserve to be treated with respect. We as a society should respect the opinions of others, whether or not we agree with them. Differences in beliefs, preferences and religions are all inherent within this wonderful country of ours, so in the end, why can’t we all just get along?
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