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Failure in the Future?
by Katie Brinager, Editor and Mike Amicarelli, Staff Writer

Issue # 38! The West Geauga School District emergency levy brought on many concerns as to whether to vote for or against it this past election day. There were threats of cutting teachers, security cuts, and even many programs in many of the high school’s main subjects. The ballots are in and the voting has declared the levy a failure this time. Here is just a handful of some of the cuts that will be permanent if the levy does not pass, when it appears again on the February ballot.
Guidance: Increase counselor load from 300 students to 450 by cutting 1 counselor
Social Studies: Eliminate economics and history in film classes
OWE: Increase in dropout rate potential, as non-traditional students lose support
Tech Education: Eliminate photography and woods & metals classes
English: Eliminates Journalism I, newspaper, yearbook, speech, creative writing
Science: Eliminates AP Biology and Chemistry in the Community
Art: Eliminates AP Art History and AP Studio Art
Extra Curriculars: Music programs, Student Council, Academic Decathlon, Mock Trial, HUGS and Key Club
Athletics: Eliminate Freshmen Teams

Obviously, these are drastic cuts, which will severely hurt our school. To those who don’t like school in the first place, here’s a bulletin: the first programs on the cutting board will be the programs that most consider “fun.” Activity fees will surely skyrocket for sports, and we will have to say sayonara to many of the popular elective courses that we love, including this publication! Help save our schools; please tell everyone you know to vote yes the next time this issue comes up on the ballot in February.

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