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Lets do the Time Warp Again
A Review by Katie Wilber, Staff Writer

It all begins at midnight in theatres around the world. It is a tradition that takes place on the first Saturday of every month. The tradition I’m talking about is the ever- popular Rocky Horror Picture Show.
The cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, first released in 1975, was so bad in Europe it bombed in 7 of 8 cities during the limited engagement. It was later re-released as a midnight showing, which is when audience participation began to flourish. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is NOT a horror film! It is a rock-musical, which mocks stereotypical, old science fiction and horror films. Figure is as the equivalent of Scary Movie with singing and dancing. These showings have been going on for a long time. I even bet a lot of students here have parents who went to one when they were teens.
“ You can sing the Hot Patootie, do the time warp, dress in drag, shout obscenities and throw props while watching the film. It’s all about audience participation. I love it.” says senior Alaina Antonello on her experiences at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
So what exactly goes on at these showings? Well, people dress up on drag, cross dress, yell back lines at the screen, and throw props at various times during the show. In addition, actors act out the film right in front of the movie playing behind them.
The theatres also usually have some sort of “virgin” ritual. If you have never been to the show before, you are considered a virgin. If a virgin you must go to the film with a V on your forehead. This is to let everyone know that this is your first time. The actors will usually pick a few virgins out of the audience to embarrass in front of everyone. But not to worry! Each show usually consists of between 25% to 50% virgins and the likely hood of your being picked is slim.
Here is a list of what you might consider bringing…
1.) Rice- you throw it during the wedding scene. (After the scene you will most likely be covered with rice)
2.) Newspaper- Particularly The Plain Dealer. You will use this to cover yourself from getting wet during the rain scene.
3.) Squirt Guns- they are used to simulate the rain scene and get everyone around you wet.
4.) Flashlights- during one of the songs everyone lights up the theatre with lighters, flashlights, etc.
5.) Rubber Gloves
6.) Noisemakers
7.) Toast (As in the bread you put in the toaster. Don’t ask you’ll see)
8.) Scott’s Toilet Paper (Not allowed at Cedar Lee)
9.) A Bell
10.)Hot Dogs or Prunes (Not allowed at Cedar Lee)
11.)Confetti (Not allowed at Cedar Lee)

This is an awesome idea of something to do with friends on a Saturday night. So get out your drag clothes and GO! I would suggest going to Cedar Lee Theatre, which is the closest theatre to West G. But keep in mind; this is no ordinary trip to the movies!

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