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The tracks Of…
by Tracy Krupitzer, Staff Writer

He has a six-episode guest-starring role on One Tree Hill, the popular nighttime teen soap, and is playing his hero, Elvis, in the upcoming Johnny Cash biopic, Walk the Line. To some it may seem that Tyler Hilton (no relation to the infamous heiresses, Paris and Nicky) is an up-and-coming actor, but he is a true musician through-and through. His major-label debut CD, The Tracks of… is a blend of country, acoustic, and emo and was released on Maverick, Madonna’s label. The album was produced by Paul Fox, Rick Parker, and Geza X, amongst others. Tyler has a great lyrical sensibility; his music is deep and philosophical but not to the point of losing the listener. The opening track, and also Tyler’s first single, “When it Comes,” is a song about realizing what is missing and where he pays homage to Elvis, whom he credits for his learning guitar. "When I was a kid. I got Elvis' songbook. I noticed most of the chords in the songs were the three that I knew. If there was one I didn't know, I looked it up. So in a way, Elvis was my guitar teacher."
One of the standout tracks, “Glad,” is about someone trying too hard to fit in, and who is actually just making himself more unhappy. The next song, “Rolling Home,” is the most country song on the album. In “Pink and Black,” one of the top fan favorites, Tyler states that “Love is never in the same place that you left it.” Another exceptional song is, “Our Time,” which is about having to let go of a love that never really was. “Kiss On,” tells of a relationship that doesn’t really exist to the outside world. “Slide,” is about a destructively dysfunctional relationship; following that is “You, My Love,” which is the antithesis to “Slide.” In “You, My Love,” Tyler sings his thanks for having someone in his life. The final two songs, “Insomnia,” and “Picture Perfect,” are about trying to impress someone who has no idea of how you really feel.
Tyler Hilton’s debut is more than just a good effort to get his name out; it is an amazing album, where each song tells of situations everyone can relate to. Tyler’s voice is slightly raspy and melodic, the perfect complement for the acoustic guitar. The Tracks of… is highly recommended for fans of John Mayer and the like.

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