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Alumni Leaving School
by Mark Hrusch, Staff Writer

We have all seen the footage of the aftermath of the hurricanes in Florida, but do we know what it was like to be there while it was happening. West Geauga alumni Andrew Johnson graduated last year and decided to go to college in Florida. He had no idea what he was getting into.
When Andrew was just about to leave Ohio for Rollins College, he received a phone call. The school administration told him not to bother to come down for a few days because Hurricane Charlie had torn right through his campus. Was he angry about being ready to go and then being told you have to stay? ” At first I was, now I am really glad for those extra couple days,” said Johnson.
After Andrew arrived in Florida, he had just settled in when Hurricane Ivan breezed in. He decided to weather the storm at his roommate’s house. They boarded up the windows and waited until the hurricane hit. Andrew said that the hurricane did not live up to his expectations. He said that the hurricane lost a lot of its power before it got to them. The storm did nock out power for two days. Andrew stayed with his roommate for a few days and then went back to the dorms.
Not long after he got settled back into his dorm, another hurricane hit. All students who were staying on campus were sent to the science center. Andrew described it as a large, concrete, windowless building that is supposedly the most secure building in the area. Andrew described the aftermath with this statement,” By that time everything that could fall down already did, so we only lost power for like a day.” Now that the Hurricane season has wound down, he has had time to try the things that people go to Florida for. Things like surfing, sailing, and fun in the sun!
Andrew didn’t have any trouble in the hurricanes because of all his years weathering the weather of Geauga County. There were a lot of other West G. alumni that have seen the hurricane season and they all have their stories. This was just one of them. Although the hurricanes were a terrible natural disaster we can all breath safely knowing Andrew Johnson is safe and happy.

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