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A cure for Boredom
by Jenna Waldmuller, Staff Writer
It’s Friday night and there you are, sitting in front of the television All that’s on are reruns of Full House, which you’ve seen twenty times before. As you sit there, you can’t help but feel drawn out, tired, and maybe a bit lazy. That's when you realize you’ve got a bad case of a disease called boredom. Well, there’s a cure for that. It all starts with your getting away from the t.v. If you can’t think of anything to do, down below are lists of things for you to do (whether or not you have money) on a Friday night.


Things to do around Chesterland
• Go skateboard at the church or if you don’t skateboard, go watch the skateboarders.
• You have the choice of many fast food vendors to choose from.
• Go to Parkside (play volleyball, football, baseball etc.).
• Go to one of the near by parks (Westwoods, Metzenbaum, Punderson…etc.).

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