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Edwards Rocks Cleveland
by Alex Davis, Staff Writer

On Tuesday October 5th, Cleveland became the political center of the country. With a vice Presidential debate at Case, a sea of political enthusiasts and protesters flooding the sidewalks, a rally and every major news anchor in University Circle, Cleveland was thrust into the national limelight. After the vice Presidential debate at Case Western Reserve University, John Edwards entered the Oval Eclipse Park in University Heights. The mass of democratic supporters had been in the cold since before eight o'clock, most having to stand in order to keep their prime positions. The supporters, clad in Kerry shirts and pins, watched the night's debates on two giant screen televisions. After the debate, several other democratic nominees spoke, including Eric Fingerhut for Senate, and Mayor Jane Campbell.
John Edwards and his family didn't arrive at the rally until nearly 11:30. John spoke for about a half-hour, touching on some of the same points he made at the debate, specifically Cheney's comment about never meeting John Edwards. The senator from North Carolina said, "The vice president said that the first time I met Senator Edwards was tonight when we walked on the stage. I guess he forgot the time we sat next to each other for a couple hours about three years ago. I guess he forgot the time we met at the swearing in of another senator. So, my wife Elizabeth reminded him on the stage.,"
He, however, didn't stay completely serious. He spent time to introduce his visibly nervous young son and continued to bash the vice president's performance with, "Mr. Cheney was pretty optimistic tonight, wasn't he?" After speaking, he greeted the hundreds of anxious supporters in the front row waiting to shake his hand.
The rally crowd consisted of students, parents, seniors and everything in between. Cleveland democrats came from all paths of life to show their support. With Ohio being a key state in the race for the Presidency, both campaigns need to impress Ohioans, Republicans and Democrats alike.

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