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Principally Speaking
by Mr. Mueller, Principal

We are really rolling now! It’s Homecoming. We have three National Merit Commended Scholars: Courtney Cikach, John Gibson, and Carly Konieczny, and two Semi-Finalists: Rob Goehrke and Sam Totino! Our Marching Band is sporting new uniforms. They look great and sound even better! Their performances, this year, have been terrific. Our Wolverettes and have been exceptional. Student Council, HUGS, NHS and Key Club are up and running. We have revived Academic Decathlon and Whirlwind and Curio are in publication. Our boys soccer team is contending for the conference title at this time. Marisa Rendina made tennis districts, and cross country, girls soccer and volleyball are entering tournament play. This year has seen an unusual number of injuries, with the football team suffering the most, but they’ve made no excuses, playing hard in every game. Student support for all teams has been excellent. I couldn’t be more proud of the way you support our Wolverines. Congratulations to all and thank you for representing West G so proudly!
In the classrooms and hallways of West Geauga, teachers are doing a marvelous job giving you the future. Student effort and behavior this year has been outstanding. Keep it up!! You will pass the OGT and go to the college or program of your choice. That is what happens here at West G.
Now that the dust has settled on the start of ‘04-‘05, the items listed above are obvious to everyone. West is Best! Right? Yes, but not perfect. As we move deeper into the year, the problems that all students face at some point in life and school begin to surface – different issues from different students in different years. Issues revolving around friends, school, family, community and self that you don’t see listed above affect us and hurt us so much that sometimes we can’t function well – if at all. It’s what happens at West G – and everywhere.
When things bother or affect us, sometime we don’t know what to do. Sometimes we are so insecure about the way we feel about things that, not only don’t we not tell anyone, but we often hide the hurt or find ways to cover it up: like doing things that we think will gain attention, distracting ourselves and others from our real feelings and problems. No matter what anyone says or tries, we don’t listen or it doesn’t help.

If something bothers you, talk to an adult you trust. Not that talking to a friend might not help, but peers often share similar views and have the same limited life experiences that are preventing you from solving problems on your own.
As Principal, you are probably tired of hearing me encourage you to participate in and attend some event or organization here at school. As a matter of fact, it may be one of those very things that is a major issue for you. I know that, but I also know that we must face the very fears we are trying to overcome. I also know you’ve heard, “Time heals all wounds,” and “You’ll get over it (and you will),” but no one wants you to have regrets or bad memories from what should be the best time in your life. So, if you just can’t get through it alone, please talk to someone so we can all get through it together. Many kids have, and I know they’re glad they did. Teachers, coaches, guidance counselors, principals and parents are all here to help.
It is more pleasant to highlight all the reasons, “West is Best.” It is much more gratifying to see a person grow and learn about self and others. Do what it takes to make the year as good for you as it is for the school.

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