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Seniors are WHAT? Red hot!
by Katie Brinager, Editor

With less than 35 seniors returning to compete in this year's Powder Puff game, the senior girls still looked determined to win. After three scheduled practices, plays were created and the defense and offense were decided. For their last time, they will all gather before the game, get pumped up, make up each other’s faces in face paint and spray their hair red. They will meet in the gym to go over last minute details of their plays and strategies in order to destroy the juniors.
The captains this year are Ashleigh "Blondie" Easton, Katie “LIPS" Kleinknecht, Marisa "Missa-Rissa" Rendina, Arielle "Can’t Stop" Schindler, and Julie "Chipper" Pinney. Each girl is a leader in her respective fall sport. The coaches are varsity football players Chuck "Coach Chuckles" Prueter, Charlie "Coach Spaniard" McDonald, Kevin "Coach Blue [Stinks]" Nye, Nick "Coach Slayjen" Waetjen, Ryan "R.J." Jensen, Pat "Coach P. Mi" Milyo, Chris "Coach Perrogi" Perrotti, Paul "Coach Paul J." Jesenovec , Jim Wood, Adam “Coach A-Hop” Hopkins, James “Coach J-Hop” Hopkins and Mike "Coach Super Ammo" Amicarelli.
The team's strategies all seem to center around the ideas of, "…get mean, nasty and dirty," commented Rachel "Buttsko" Kutsko. Captain Easton said, "We are going to blow by their defense." Katy "Speedy" Demitruk hopes to, "…pull off the secret play." Kim Johnson, a fan in the stands, predicts that the seniors will, "…squeak by and win."
The senior cheerleaders are boys who wear short skirts, dance for the fans and cheer for the team. With the infamous “Hail seniors…Hail seniors, Hail juniors…Hail NO,” cheer still in their performance, the boys are back, practicing new cheers to get the senior fans on their feet. Regarding their new routine and performance, Cody Salrin commented, “…can’t touch this, da-na-na-na.” The cheerleaders are Mike "Sensitive Mike" Reinhard, Cody "Champ" Salrin, Joe “Whitestack” Whiteley, Brian “Murphy Lee” Murphy, Kevin "Shermanator" Malone, Eric "Gangsta J" Johnson, Dave "KFC/TACO BELL" Spencer and Chris Grimaldi.
It was 7:00 p.m. and everyone at Howell Field knew what that meant. Game Time! The senior girls had their game faces on with everything from white faces with fake blood dripping to paw prints and stars. All the girls ran to the field in pairs, smacking the “WIN” sign on their way onto the field, screaming and cheering, “Senior Power.” The pictures were taken; the laps were run; the flags were tied. It was time to rock the house.
Winning the coin toss, the seniors chose to have the ball first. The offense was dominating and working its way up the field when they finished their four downs and the ball was turned over to the juniors. Next up on the field was the starting defense. Defensive coach Paul Jesenovec commented the defense, “…did an outstanding job and contained the juniors running back very well.” During the second down, senior Katie Brinager intercepted a pass, turning possession back to the seniors. The offense blew by the juniors’ defense and quarterback Kayleigh O’Brien scored the seniors’ first touchdown, not only in the game, but in their powder puff careers. Ashleigh Easton pushed her way to the endzone to gain the two point conversion. Offensive coach Chris Perrotti said, “The offense really stepped it up from last year.”
Going into halftime, the seniors led 8-0. Newcomer and running back Lauren Nelson perfected a play in the third quarter to give the seniors a bigger lead of 14-0, although the two point conversion failed. The girls gave up a touchdown and two point conversion to the juniors, but, despite the pouring rain and slippery conditions, the seniors still came out on top, winning 14-8. “The ‘Red Hots’ turned [them] black and blue,” remarked tight end Brittney Thrush and offensive lineman Ali Hanna. This was the first win in four years for a “big red” team. Good game to all the ladies and congratulations to the seniors for their big win!

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