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Twisted Love
by Jenna Waldmuller, Staff Writer

Every romance movie basically has the same plot: guy meets girl; guy likes girl; guy falls in love with girl; girl inevitably returns the same love back to the guy and they live happily ever after. However, Wicker Park, directed by Paul McGuigan, is not your normal romance movie. Instead, it comes off as suspense, a horror film or even a drama. I found this remake of Wicker Park to be very confusing. At first, the story was a little shaky, making my brain rattle inside my skull. However, as the movie rolled on, the plot became very clear. Wicker Park is one of those movies where you might want to leave within the first ten minutes, but you soon find out that sitting through the dull parts was definitely worth it.
Wicker Park stars Josh Hartnett playing Matt, a broken-hearted fool desperately seeking the love of his life, Lisa, (Diane Kruger) who got away. While he is in a café, he thinks he sees her. Obsessed with the thought that she’s back, he puts his life on hold to find out if she is, in fact, still in town. Without realizing it, Matt starts tracking down a woman he believes to be Lisa, but ends up being Alex (Rose Byrne). His best friend Luke (Matthew Lillard) helps him along with his search, but he has some relationship problems, himself, that need sorting out. Throughout the movie, a love triangle is formed, keeping the viewer dazed at the screen in hopes that within the next few minutes the whole plot will unfold. As the viewer creeps to the edge of his/her seat, another clue to the ending is usually told, leaving the viewer baffled and confused again. But if you're the sort of person who’s into the kind of movies where it makes no sense at all in the beginning, but everything comes together in the end, then this movie is definitely for you. Running time for this movie is 114 minutes. Wicker Park is rated PG-13 and is showing at Mayfield Regal Cinemas and Chagrin Cinemas.

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