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The final band concert for the seniors of 2006 happened on Thursday, May 4. The Jazz Band performed 3 upbeat songs to set the tone for the evening. Concert band followed with another 3 pieces, the final song showcasing movies like Jaws, ET, and Star Wars. Symphonic band played 2 songs before a short interlude for awards. The second song, Blue Bells of Scotland (Arthur Pryor/ arr. Pearson), highlighted Frank Cosenza with a complicated solo.

Mr. Cosenza paused to hand out '05-'06 musicianship awards. The recipients were (freshman) Elizabeth Beers, (sophomores) Kelly Howell and Brittany Zganjer, and (juniors) Rebecca Beers, Ian Wilson, Nick Cizek, Ryan Love, and Andrew Bohnert. The band played another haunting piece, Lux Aurmque (Whitacre), and paused once more for the senior awards. Jennifer Howell, Katy Lafavre, and Frank Cosenza graciously accepted these. Graduation Cords were passed out to seniors who managed 4 years in concert band or concert/marching band. Finally, Mr. Cosenza announced the Band Council members for the '06-'07 season. Members of band council next year are Mark Jenneman, Nimrit Lotey, Sara Maness, Andy Merriman, Erica Scarano, and Emily Witte.

Congratulations to the Seniors, and good luck next near!


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