’06 Ohhh Yeah
by Cassidy Pazyniak, writer & human being extraordinaire

The deadline for Whirlwind is quickly approaching and no matter how many times I write this column in my head, I have yet to actually make it happen. Perhaps it’s my way of avoiding the inevitable. This right here signifies a lot, the end, or maybe in a whole different way, the beginning. It’s quite scary and anyone who denies that fact is a liar, liar, pants on fire. We’re moving on, we’re facing change head on; we’re taking on the world baby. How the heck did we get here?!
It’s not as easy or simple as we’ve made it look, in fact it many times involved a crazy mess but somehow it always turned out rather beautiful. I can’t say I always knew or fully appreciated how it happened, but I just always trusted that it would.
I wish I could pass on every lesson I’ve been taught, every mistake I’ve had to hang my head and learn from, every minute detail. But then what fun would it be for you? Welcome to adolescence folks- think of it as the Renaissance, or a time for rebirth. You’ll discover who you are in a way you never thought possible. And sorry to say, or maybe not sorry, but joyously I proclaim, that the discovery of self is something I guarantee we’ll experience in every stage of life. But if you approach it with an open mind and allow yourself to continually sculpt and form to a better you, well then, that’s the most we can hope and wish for.
This open frame of mind and patience you’ll grant yourself when learning about whom you are and what you stand for, allow it to overflow into every aspect of your life. Look around and instead of seeing strangers, remain open-minded and see a best friend that you just haven’t yet met. Everyone is fascinating. Everyone has a story within their soul that would connect to you. I promise, all you must do, is find it. It’ll make that story within your very own soul, that much more interesting.
Listen to your soul. It’s glorious! Whether you find it within music lyrics, a good book, a conversation with the wind, writing, or even a show like “Friends,” wherever it may be hiding, listen to it. Listen when it’s telling you something doesn’t feel right, and gosh darn it follow it. It’s high time we all start standing for what we believe and being the people we’re meant to be.
Ohhh no, there I went and said it. “meant to be.” No matter how much you may gag at those three little cliché words, I can’t help but say that I’m a believer. If it is, it will be. It’s hard, it’s grinding your teeth until 4 in the morning hard, its sweaty palms and potential migraines hard, but as a wise person once said, “the hard is what makes it great.”
What else, what else. There’s too much to say within a 2 pg. restriction. I guess I just wish. I wish that you may always possess your innocence, but remember there’s a difference between innocence and ignorance. I wish that you will never cease to enjoy dancing in front of the mirror, giggling with a best friend, payday, singing aloud to your favorite song, a random compliment, awkward silences, Christmas music, and knock-knock jokes. I wish that you will celebrate small victories. It adds up. And it never hurts to celebrate just because. This list of wishes could fill an issue in itself; I guess you’ll just have to make your own “wish-list.”
That seems to be the extent of my brilliance. It’s hard to make you fully appreciate or understand some of the lessons learned and there’d be no point in making you try. You’ll have to experience it on your own, just as I did, for these past four years.
There’s no possible way I could wrap up what the past four years have stood for me. Don’t get me wrong, I realize bigger and better things are on their way to me, I’ll wait patiently for it with open arms. But as graduation day approaches, it seems hard not to glance back, even if it’s quickly, and try to comprehend what you’ve taken from here.
Maybe it’s an actual English lesson on the innocence spectrum; maybe it’s the ability to mimic the sound of a bell. Maybe it’s lifelong friends or maybe its friends who you’ll simply remember with a smile, for being a part of your life for the period of time they were. I know I literally wouldn’t have gotten through a single day of this madness we call high school if it weren’t for those precious individuals I clutch so tightly to my heart. You know who you are (yes you.). Thank God for everything that you’ve given me.
But now, as you glance back you 2006 grad, realize that as the words “I can’t wait to get out of here” escapes from your mouth you’ll feel a quick and harmless pang. I like to think of it as a pang of change. You’re letting go, but hopefully not so fully that a lil’ bit of what you’ve received from here, whatever it may be, can’t remain. Everything you did was well worth it, no regrets ’06. Absolutely not. Good luck, though really, we don’t need it. I have no fear that we’ll all be just fine. And hey, lil’ underclassmen, believe it or not, so will you. I guess that’s my cue. I would sign off with a “The End” but that just doesn’t seem fitting. So rather, here’s to “The Beginning.”