Bouncin' In Da Club
by Danny Amato, Staff Writer
Looking for something for you and your friends to do on a Friday night? Want to try “picking up” some girls or guys or do you just want to have a great time? Go to Club Xtreme In Mentor! "It’s a great place to meet girls and show off my dance skills," said Club Xtreme regular Anthony Loparo. Club Xtreme has been open for a couple months now and it packs in everyone from the ages of 13 to 18. If you are unfortunate enough to look like you’re over 18, then bring your ID to get in. If not, the 6 foot 9, 300 lb. bouncer will politely turn you away.
Once you're in the club there are a few things to know. If you don’t like the haunting linger of cigarette smoke, don’t go. The club is filled with under-aged smokers. Secondly, don’t go alone! Go with friends or someone you know because there are some
“Weirdos” there. If you’re a girl don’t be afraid to reject a guy if you're dancing. Joe Langdon, a club Xtreme regular says, " I don’t know about other people, but by God I love dancing. There are a couple things to know. First you have to know how to approach a girl. Next, she can’t have a boyfriend. Thirdly, look good (like I do.) Try poppin' your collar and ask your friend, ‘Do I look good?’ Make your approach, scout her out, and then jump in for the kill and start dancing."
Not everyone who goes to club Xtreme is an extreme clubber. There are those who can’t dance and are just taken along by their friends because there’s nothing else to do on a Friday night. “ I’d rather be at home doing math problems and getting help from my brother, Mattie,” said senior club Xtreme hater Dan Katz. You can usually tell those kinds of people because they’re standing along the wall hating everyone. Club Xtreme is a good time for all. Just don’t sit around, guys, find some hot girl and dance. Hey! Maybe you’ll get her number and you’ll hang out after.