Spring Fling
by Jamie Todd, Staff Writer

This year’s Spring Fling took place on May 6 from 8:00 to 11:30 P.M. Not as many people showed up as student council hoped for, but the students who did go said they appreciated the fact that they had most of the floor to themselves. They also enjoyed some fantastic music, courtesy of senior Brody Leven who deejayed this year. The nice weather allowed the students to dance outside in the courtyard.
This year’s theme was “Country Club,” so the students came decked out in their preppiest attire. “Anyone who arrives in swimsuits, however, will not be admitted,” Mrs. Rzeszotarski had joked before the dance. Luckily, no one showed up in one. After walking through the doors, they were greeted by Mr. Mueller and Mr. Takacs, who were sitting in a golf cart.
A rumor has circulated that there would be breathalizers at the dance. Mrs. Rzeszotarski had confirmed that there were five hundred of them in storage, ready to be used, courtesy of the local police department. The students had heard the rumors though, and few, if any, of the breathalizers were needed. Last year we had a good turnout, but many of the students who came were intoxicated. This year there were few problems with alcohol, but there was not a large crowd. Maybe next year we can aim for a lot of people showing up, but with no alcohol involved.