by Anthony Loparo, Staff Writer

After four years in this high school, I highly doubt that out of everyone in our grade, I’m the only one ready to get out of here. I can sit and reflect on all the good, bad, and ugly times I had throughout those four years. All the different friends and groups I’ve hung out with, all of the stupid things I’ve said and done, and all of the good and bad decisions I’ve made.
High school taught all of us a lot; all of us grew up and became young adults here. We came here as immature, little 9th graders, cowering before the seemingly huge seniors. Now we’re the seniors, all grown up, ready to go off to college or the military or to join the workforce. We got our licenses, and then, subsequently, many of us got speeding tickets. Many of us learned the limits of breaking the law by egging houses, destroying mailboxes, nailing trash cans, or any of the many other laws we came to understand couldn’t be broken. It was all fun and games; everyone has a huge ego when it comes to doing something bad until you get caught by the police and, suddenly, you realize how stupid you were. Once you figure that out, you slowly enter the world of maturity, the easy way or the hard way.
Many of us want to leave Chesterland as soon as we can. Why wouldn’t you? Besides Parkside, there’s seriously nothing here. But look back on how much fun you might of actually had here. Your friends are here; your family is here. Everyone has stories of good times in Chesterland. Unless your family moves, you’ll inevitably be back here every now and then, reliving those good times.
For the most part, as much as we want to leave high school, I think many of us might actually miss it. This year especially, the grade has come together more as a whole. Everyone knows each other; everyone hears the rumors about one another, and the stories of their good or bad times. Years from now, at reunions, we’ll all be able to sit and reminisce about those times. I know I’ll miss high school, whether I’ll openly admit it or not. I’m sure most of you will miss it, too.