Hollywood West G. Style
by Stephanie Bricklebank, Staff Writer

Decorating the walls of West G for a good number of weeks were posters announcing West G’s newest step into the entertainment world, a film festival. On April 12th Curio’s dream came alive with the roaring film festival, featuring five student-made films.
Expectations weren’t extremely high for the size of the audience, but the student literary magazine team was surprised by the great turn out. Between 80 and 100 students showed up in room 124 at 6:30 to experience a comical drive, a day in the life of a popular band, chair humor, and other creative movies.
The participants ranged from sophomores to seniors. Ben Collins, Aaron Popelka, Ian Wilson, Stephan Saricino, Mary Moriarty, Justin Linton, Kat Lee, and Jim Difranco either made or starred in the five [approx.] 6-minute films.
The majority of the films were comedy related, like Driving and You starring Steven Saracino and Justin Linton, about a new driver and his in-car instructor. Things You Can’t Do With a Chair, produced and starring Ben Collins, documented the many things your every day chair can’t do with laughs. Carmen, based around the opera with the same name, was given a new spin with robots and ninjas. This film was made by sophomores and starred Steve Saracino.
The only serious film to grace the festival was Tryst. This film starred Jim Difrano and Kat Lee as a husband and wife dealing with struggles. A documentary on the life of popular West G band, Pen Gwynn, also premiered at the festival. The band recorded A Day in the Life of Pen Gwynn, starting from the moment they woke up in the morning to the moment after they finished a show in Middlefield that night. This film gave the audience an all-access, backstage pass to the band.
After all was shown, the winner of the festival was Driving and You with Tryst coming in second. With the free food and plethora of student movies, the night was surely a success. Great job to Curio for bringing a new exciting idea to West G and letting everyone see the talent of their classmates.