I’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar Places
by Jenna Waldmuller, Editor

How can one person say goodbye 235 times without breaking down at least once? I know I can’t, so this is why I’m writing it instead. That way you, the reader, won’t have to see my tears. For twelve years we’ve always had a place to fit in, a place that was safe and a place where we’d always see our friends: school. Well, in less than a couple of weeks, we’re on our own. Okay, most of us we’ll be in college, or staying at home, but we won’t all be together anymore.
I’ve always thought that the class of 2006 was unique. Although we might all be different in our own ways (beliefs, friends, clothing, etc.), we all seemed to get along. There were no major clique barriers, no major fights (between our class that is), and very little drama- it just seems as though we fit together. In the past month I’ve seen this bonding between our class at bonfires, parties, and school. We can just sit in a group and talk as if we’ve been friends forever, even though this might be our first time, in a while, talking to someone in our class. I think this is because we know these will be the last times we’ll all be together, so why not make a last effort to get know each other?
Even in past years we’ve made sure that everyone knew what was going on: the latest gossip, what was on a certain test, and other fascinating events. I don’t think anyone who went on the eighth grade Williamsburg field trip didn’t know what was showing on HBO that evening (if you don’t remember just ask me). Everyone was on the hotel phones calling each other’s rooms so no one would be left out from the juicy program. We also had a sense of support for one another as well, cheering for each senior football- soccer- volleyball- tennis player, showing up at one of our friend’s band concerts, or just being there to talk to one another. We had one of the most successful senior shows West G. has ever seen, and it’s all because of us.
We have a talented class as well: not only academically, but also artistically, musically and athletically. I’m going to miss walking down the art hall to see if Lauren Palsa, Brooke Ryan, Matt Angelotta or any other senior I knew had a drawing or painting hanging up. During fourth period, I could hear the band echo through the halls, knowing that Katy Lafavre and the other senior band members were playing ever so passionately. Even kids, like the members of The Buihogs or Alex Shoupe who weren’t in the school band, could be so talented with music. I think I could sit for hours listening to Jeff Rzeszotarski or Josh Paynic talk about the most interesting topics. I don’t think that as a class (or even the entire school), we could forget Gina Gastaldo’s accomplishments in gymnastics this past year. But she wasn’t the only senior athlete to be recognized. We had over a dozen senior athletes awarded with CVC tittles.
From talking to some of the seniors, I realized we’re all ready to move on, leave West Geauga High School behind, and start with a new, clean slate. We all need the chance to leave our reputations behind, of being the class stoners, the materialistic girls, the athletes, etc., and in no time at all, we can. Although, when we do return for our tenth year reunion in the year 2016, we’ll be reminded of who we were through stories told and memories remembered.
As individuals, we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve learned what makes a true friend, a real person, or how to trust a stranger with all our problems. Groups of friends split, new friends were made and life continued. I think towards the end of our high school saga, we’ve realized that not every break-up, failed test or argument really mattered. What matters most is realizing that it’s trivial. Even if someone dumped you, stay friends. If you failed a test, its only a number, and arguments aren’t worth your energy. It’s best to negotiate and resolve the issue before you lose a friend. As a whole, though, our class has matured a lot since when we first stepped into West G. as freshmen.
So whether you’re going to Depaul, Lakeland, or just traveling before you settle down, be successful in what you do. Remember that no matter where you are West G. will always be there. If you so happen to see a fellow classmate walking by, don’t hesitate to say, “Hi, how’s it going?” because you’d want someone to say it to you.
So, this is pretty much it seniors. We’re done… except for a few finals here and there. I suppose this is where I should say goodbye and good luck, but I don’t want to say goodbye; because goodbye is too long term. I’ll see most of you over summer or in some random place. If not, there are always the class reunions. So, until I see you again, I hope each and every one of you lives your days to the fullest and doesn’t regret anything you do. Life should be about the experiences and our days at West Geauga will be experiences not forgotten.