I’m Thinkin’ Arby’s
by Hannah Petko, Staff Writer

Arby’s in Chesterland has been my first experience in the job market (other than babysitting). Job duties include cashiering, drive-thru, running, preparing food, washing trays, washing tables, washing floors, and stocking condiments. O.K., it’s not the most glamorous place to work, but for the fast food environment, it’s not so bad.
My favorite job is making sandwiches. The starting hourly rate is higher than most places, and having your co-workers as friends helps for laughs and trading shifts if you can’t make it in sometime. I rarely eat anything from Arby’s, but the most popular items are the roast beef sandwiches and curly fries. My grandmother (being concerned with cholesterol counts) prefers the market fresh turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread.
Kids meals can come with chicken tenders or a mini roast beef sandwich, but the toys are nowhere as good as our competition. Mozzarella sticks and jalapeño bites are alternative munchies, a little out of the ordinary for fast food fare. The milkshakes are above average and Arby’s features a jamoca shake that is a big seller. There is the “5 for $5.95” special that draws the customers in, but the traffic cannot compare to the place “down the road.”
I think Arby’s would be busier if it was in a stand-alone building. Many people don’t notice it from the road as they drive by because it shares frontage with a pizza store. If you are really a lucky employee, you may get a chance to stand out on Mayfield Road wearing a huge oven mitt over your body to draw more customers in!