Newspaper Rant
by Jordan Jukiewicz, Staff Writer

Students of West Geauga…newspaper hats are not adorable in the slightest bit and those who feel compelled to make these monstrosities look far less then attractive walking around with them on their heads in the cafeteria.
It is my thought that if the students of West Geauga only knew how much time and effort goes into creating the Whirlwind, they would show a little more appreciation. Then maybe we, the staff of Whirlwind, wouldn’t see newspapers throw on the ground, ripped apart, or worn as an accessory. Whirlwind makes sure to cover a range of topics so everyone will be interested.
Whirlwind creates the newspaper free-of-charge for every student. Normal issues of the Whirlwind are twelve pages and there are anywhere between 300-600 copies printed each month. All those papers cost roughly between $275.00 and $295.00 per issue. This year the staff has come out with seven issues. This current issue and the special senior issue add up to nine issues total. Add all nine issues together and that makes the price to run Whirlwind $2,475.
Bottom line West G., please, if you feel it's necessary to create newspaper hats at least take the time to read the paper first, and be sure to whip your hat off your head if you see any member of Whirlwind strutting down the hallways.