Principally Speaking
by Mr. Mueller, Principal

West Geauga Class of 2006

As our seniors prepare to leave West Geauga after four outstanding years, let us not forget the tragic loss of Andrew Horning and Dylan Scheneman. We extend our sympathy to their families and friends, and keep them always in our thoughts and prayers. Like our graduates, they are Wolverines forever.

Seniors -

You’ve reached a goal – but as you leave us, realize that it is not the goal – it’s the journey, the quest, that is important. The venture to the prize is exciting, exhilarating and enlightening. It is this challenge that builds knowledge and character. We learn more about ourselves in pursuit of our dreams than from our dreams. As we reach our goal, we are often much changed from the dreamers we once were. Think of the last 4 years – what a blast. You have been everything everyone has wanted you to be – and then some. As you move on, remember that the fun is really in the journey – have fun.

So you’re here. You’ve done it. Congratulations! You’ve earned everything that has come your way. You are both deserving and undeserving. Deserving of all you have accomplished so far, and undoubtedly undeserving of some of life’s hardships you’ve encountered during the journey. That’s life. It is not always fair. Buck up, stay strong, and believe in yourself, celebrate this achievement, enjoy your summer, then get back on the trail, for there are many more miles and greater goals to reach. You’ve got the ability; I join the community in wishing you good fortune in your endeavors.

Aim for the stars. Keep your mind open. Never give up your dreams. If those dreams take you far away, always remember home. If those dreams reside right here in West Geauga, don’t be afraid to get back home by traveling far and abroad.

The finest students in America walk through the doors of WGHS every day. Now, you walk out. Your performance, achievement and behavior have convinced me, your teachers, our board of education, our families, and our community that you are ready to continue the journey.

Now it’s up to you, as you leave West G, to convince the world that you are, indeed, the finest young people in this country.

Since you have entered school, an additional 3.6 Billion people around the globe, due to political, technological and economic developments, are now eligible to compete with you for future career opportunities. Realize that the jobs and expected standards of living assumed to be guaranteed rights of previous generations of Americans cannot be assumed – they must be earned.

You’re up to it! It won’t always be easy, but we need you to brave the storm, face new challenges, compete and succeed in order to maintain the guiding principles of democracy, civil rights and freedom. This is your new goal. This is you new journey. You can - you must – do this! Get to it!

Thanks for the memories. I am very proud of you. You’re an amazing group. Go Wolverines. See you on Graduation day!