Ryan Dickard…He’s Great
by Tommy Heines, Staff Writer

A bum knee, bleeding ear, broken tooth, and bad hair day just cannot slow down this life-saving, basketball-playing master. Most people know him as the charge-taking wizard on the basketball court but know little else about him. He doesn’t say much, but when he talks, you know it’s going to be great.
Ryan Dickard goes about his business in a quiet manner, but his achievements speak volumes to his character and skill. It isn’t a recorded stat, but everyone knows Ryan tops the Wolverine charts for charges taken. “I like taking charges because I slide after I hit the floor. I don’t know; it’s just fun,” said Dickard. He also has an uncanny ability to score around the basket, so, needless to say, Ryan is extremely valuable to the West G. basketball team. What most people don’t know about Ryan is that he also saves lives at the Rec. Council pool in Chesterland. Ryan has to be firm sometimes, but he keeps the kids in line with a smile, and some sunscreen on his face. Ryan also starts at catcher for The Chesterland Baste softball team. His greatest achievement on the diamond came last summer when he smashed two homeruns in the same inning: one from each side of the plate!
But life isn’t always rainbows and flowers for Mr. Dickard. This past New Year’s Eve brought some bad luck, which resulted in Ryan losing his license for a short time. The snow caused his car to slip and crash into a minivan, carrying a balding, middle-aged man. Ryan’s car was totaled, and his license was subsequently taken for 45 days. The punishment was unfair, but Ryan just dealt with it. Ryan also spent the winter with his teammates dealing with some harsh conditioning punishments at practice. His worst memory comes from Pittsburgh team camp where Coach Frazier made the team do up-downs in a dark and gloomy hallway after a poor performance. Ryan also deals with sadistic criticism he receives because of the 1980-style Brown’s beanie he wears when it gets a little chilly.
So next time you see Ryan in the halls, thank him for all of the great things he does. You never know; one day you may need him to save your drowning body from the bottom of the pool.