Study Tips with Tom
by Tommy Heines, Staff Writer

I, like many of you out there in the West Geauga world, struggle big-time with studying and preparing for tests. I procrastinate and eventually find myself reviewing mixed notes for ten minutes in study hall just before the test. Most times my test results reflect my lack of ambition and work, and ultimately I am punished. But now, with finals on the horizon, I vow to change my ways and ace these tests. To accomplish the impossible, I’ll plan out my studying. If you’re looking to improve your studying too, read on.
If you are still reading this article, you already have the will to improve your studying. You are already one step ahead of most people who turned the page when they saw a headline about studying.
The first step to effective studying is teamwork. Studying solo is very difficult and staying focused while alone is usually impossible. If you try to review for finals on your own you will probably fall asleep quickly, or subconsciously turn on the t.v. Call some friends, study together, it might just be a lot of fun.
The second key to success is organization. It’s tedious, but one must organize notes, make note-cards, and plan areas to study before beginning. If you try to review notes from the whole year that are scattered on a table, you will become flustered and quit; it’s a fact; it’s science.
The third necessity for successful studying is some good food. Make sure to have delicious snacks at your study party. Food will give you the proper energy and motivation to learn and remember back to the first few weeks of classes.
The fourth and final tip from Tom is to take plenty of breaks. Don’t try to do everything in one sitting. Eventually you will need some rest, and if you don’t give yourself a break, you will fail.
Be sure to start studying early, maybe even now if you really want to be great. Plan your time, work hard, use my tips and we’ll all do well this year during finals week.