Turn on the Fun
by Tracy Krupitzer, Lifestyles Editor

Everyone recognizes the large, yellow tag. For most, it’s the price of a new release or the $499 laptop special in the Sunday ad. For me, it’s my paycheck.
Working at Best Buy can be very hectic. You deal with people under 17 who whine about not being able to buy a mature-rated video game, the occasional person who snaps at you when you try to sell him – or her - a replacement plan, and the most common occurrence, the dreaded price check. Every shift, I have to leave my register at least once to go check the price of an item when another department has accidentally left an old tag on the shelf, advertising last week’s price.
Most of our job responsibilities are easy compared to the other departments, but, compared to most high schoolers’ after-school jobs, we have a lot to do. According to the company, the cashiers are salespeople. On almost all small electronics, there’s a replacement plan to sell. Even on the $7.99 answering machine or remote, there’s a replacement plan we have to pitch for $5.99. On larger electronics, like appliances, computers, and home theater items, there’s a service plan offered. Also, we have to offer an eight-issue trial of Entertainment Weekly, Time, or Sports Illustrated, and the Reward Zone membership. I really couldn’t say how many times a day I explain to a customer that Reward Zone is, “Ten dollars for the year, and for every $150 you spend, we give you $5 back.”
The most hectic time of year is, of course, the holidays. It’s that lovely time of the year when the line queue stretches to the back of the store and around up to the computer department. We spend the majority of our time ringing up gift cards and paging, “Code One backup to the front lanes,” which basically is us begging all other associates to help us ring when there’s a rush, repeatedly over the system.
Despite all the stress and, go figure, work that I and all the other Best Buy employees go through, I love that job. I get to talk to customers about the movies they’re buying, the CD’s they’re listening to, and what made them buy one MP3 player as opposed to another. I’ve met some of the best people I know through working there and truly enjoy every shift, no matter how tired I am once I finally get home. For anyone who likes the products Best Buy has to offer, I’d definitely suggest working there. The experience gives you a really good work ethic and you get to talk about the product to almost any customer. But, if you do apply, be sure to put my name on your application. I get a $100 hiring bonus for everyone I refer!