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On Friday, March 30th 2007, Guest speaker Michael Victor from Lake Erie College visited Mr. Callahan's class in the library to share his knowledge about business ethics with the Introduction to Business class. Later periods were visited by a different guest speaker also from Parker Hannifin by the name of Mr. Dana Dennis. The guest speakers applied business ethics to simulations of real life scenarios to give students and idea of what they may come across. The main concept applied was that "There is no such thing as business ethics". They imparted to the students that everyone has their own opinion of what is right and what is wrong. Good business ethics is identifying what you feel are good ethics and maintaining that standard despite events that are out of your control. They demonstrated the click method where they identified the ethical view and the potential danger of different situations by placing you in a situation where your ethics come into question and you may benefit yourself or maintain your ethical standards. They talked about corporate conspiracies and how America has lost trust in its corporate counterpart. At the end of the presentation books were handed out to the students called "Ethics 101 - What every leader needs to know" by John C. Maxwell. To the guest speakers from Lake Erie College and from Parker Hannifin, Thank you for taking the time to visit West Geauga High School.



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