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Dr. Daggett Speaking

Dr. Bill Daggett, a respected and well-known national speaker on topics related to school improvement initiatives and No Child Left Behind, contends that good schools are not good enough to prepare our students for their future. In order for our children to be prepared for a life in a future dominated by technology, Daggett urges communities like ours to reform to meet the needs of a rapidly changing job market. On 9/25/07 (Tuesday of last week), Doctor Daggett came to Mayfield United Methodist Church to enlighten us to the world in which we have remained oblivious to. Our school's teaching styles are old and outdated for the technology of the present and it's not just the high school. "You can't have a great high school without a good middle school and elementary". Dr. Dagget spoke to parents, teachers, and students on one important concept:

"The current education system is stagnant. We can do nothing to teach high schoolers what they need to know now. What we can do, however, is change the education system to fit the needs of elementary and middle school kids. However, we cannot even do that until there is more pressure to change education than resistance."

Dr. Daggett's speech was enlightening, comical, emotional, motivational, and creative. Thank you Dr. Dagget for taking the time to visit and speak to us.


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