The Blues of Winter
by Jordan Jukiewicz, staff writer

As the first day of winter quickly approaches, everyone knows it’s time to whip out the coats, hats, mittens, and boots because winters in Chesterland are a complete nightmare. Freezing cold temperatures and wind chill in the negative degrees can make even the winter lovers mourn for summer. Snow makes the roads horrendous, delaying everything. In the depth of winter people leave their houses an hour early just to go twenty minutes down the road. Not to mention the giant patches of black ice that spring up everywhere.
Who hasn’t experienced that ultimate embarrassing moment while walking into school? You’re strutting into West Geauga with your backpack on, with twenty other students surrounding you, and you wipe out on an almost invisible patch of ice. Plus, toping it all off, you actually hurt your butt and will have a pain that will last all day. Then you hear twenty small giggles and are then greeted by the kid who says something along the lines of, “Nice fall! Man you really went down hard. That’s the funniest thing I’ll see all day.” Most are able to laugh it off, but no one wants to go down on black ice. The snow makes the hallways an indoor slip and slide as well. Don’t you dare run down the halls to your 1st period class or your feet might be pulled right out from under you. Yet again, unnecessary, goofy embarrassment.
For those who like to pull off socks and sandals all year round you have to bolt into school with no socks on, frostbite your feet, and put on your socks in the building unless you want wet feet all day.
This year with heat bills piling up, the worst feeling in the world is getting out of your nice warm bed, only to get ready for another day of school. Winter is freezing, wet, icy, slippery, and ridiculous, but since we live in Ohio, it’s something all of us have learned to live with.