The Greatest Canned Food Drive Ever
by Timothy Pazyniak, Staff Writer

From October 26th to November 9th, Key Club hosted its annual canned food drive. Key Club joined forces this year with Interact, NHS, and student council to create the biggest food drive in West Geauga history. Many teachers were offering extra credit for bringing in cans and the students took full advantage of it, bringing in the most cans in the history of the food drive. The students brought in so many cans they had to be stored in four separate areas around the school.
A heated battle was staged between various classes, for which could bring in the most cans. Mr. Cirino’s and Mr. Rogge’s classes were disqualified from the competition due to so called “illegal” alliances. Although Mr. Rogge’s classes would have won without out the outside help, Mr. Cirino was a “sore” loser and made up rules as he went, thus being disqualified.
The food was delivered to various churches and shelters around Geauga County. Students volunteered their time after school to load up their cars and drive to the various shelters to drop off the food. Bob Ryan, the president of Key Club, said, “We are very happy with the success of the food drive; it was a real team effort.”
Adam Walters, who brought in the most cans of any student, said, “ It was not about getting bonus points; it was about helping out a family in need.”
The school hopes to repeat this same success every year.