Guiding the Way
by Joe Delanis, Staff Writer

If you’ve been down to guidance lately, you’ve probably seen a new face in the office. That face would belong to Mr. Rick DeBacco, an intern who is beginning his professional career here at West G. as a guidance intern. The 26-year-old Mr. D. is, “…learning the ropes [about] being an effective counselor,” helping students with, “…academic progress and concerns, individual counseling and college guidance.” He received his undergraduate degree from Kent State and is working towards his Master in Education at John Carroll.
Outside of guidance, Mr. DeBacco works in the human resources and payroll Department for a Cleveland roofing company in addition to attending graduate school. But just because he’s a hard worker, don’t assume he’s all work and no play. He’s an avid Cleveland sports fan, spending almost every Sunday in the fall watching Browns games and, “…loves the Cavs and Indians.”
In addition to sports he enjoys movies, music, playing Texas Hold ‘em, and the company of his huge Italian family – one that includes four siblings, plus a gigantic extended family. Unfortunately, his family and friends live “about an hour” from West Geauga, making it difficult for him to see them often and regularly. But that didn’t stop him from having an “awesome” Thanksgiving, when he got a chance to see all of them and “[eat] WAY too much!”
Here’s hoping for a good year for Mr. DeBacco!