Winter Foot Fashion: That’s UGGly
by Leah Fry, Staff Writer/Advertising Coordinator

Winter is here, and it’s awful! No feeling brings tears to your eyes quite like seeing the leaves fall and piling all your flip-flops into the closet. Next, you’re forced to pull on a pair of socks every morning and trudge through the snow on your way into school. For high school students, clogs are a great remedy. They keep your feet warm (except if you’re outside) and come in practical colors that go with almost any outfit. But when the snow starts to pile up, the backless feature of the clog will leave your socks wet and the bottoms of your pants frozen. Where do we turn next? Possibly to Ugg boots.

When it comes to Ugg boots, there seems to be three kinds of people: those who love Ugg boots; those who hate Ugg boots; and those who just aren’t sure what Ugg boots are… but, when they find out, they’ll fall into one of the first two categories. The same goes for Crocs. Most either love or hate Crocs, and with the 2008 edition of the winter Croc, the “Mammoth”, more people may be swung into stronger feelings towards them. Whether you love Uggs, winter Crocs, both, or neither, here are some helpful tips on how to wear these types of footwear. (None of these tips are meant to offend; they are written all in fun).

Ugg Boots:
Tip #1: It doesn’t matter how many of your sophomoric friends wear Ugg boots with a jean skirt; it will NEVER be cool or acceptable. Look at Figure 2. This girl looks ridiculous. Does it sound at all rational to be wearing a winter boot with a skirt? If it’s warm enough for a skirt, it is clearly too warm to be wearing sheepskin boots. (Note: the lady in figure 1 looks SWEET).

Tip #2: Ugg boots are acceptable with most jeans. Jeans can be tucked into the boot ONLY if they are skinny jeans. If you are wearing flares, the bottoms are to be worn outside the boots. If you try to tuck flare jeans into Ugg boots, it will only look bunchy and weird.

Tip #3: An oversized shirt or a shirt-dress accompanied by a pair of leggings and Uggs is cute. Your leggings and Uggs should be of contrasting colors, though. No black leggings with black boots. And PLEASE everyone: no more jean skirt, leggings, and Ugg boot combos. It’s not cute if your leggings are not long enough to be worn inside your boots.

Tip #1: Crocs are not dressy. In the words of croc-advocate Kathleen Dolphin, “Crocs are strictly for comfort. They really aren’t a fashion statement.” Don’t wear them with dress pants, or skirts. “If you’re trying to dress to impress, stay away from the crocs,” says fellow croc-lover, Katy Heines.

Tip #2: Crocs are fine with jeans or sweat pants. Due to their comfort, slipping on your crocs when you leave after-school practices or on a lazy school day is totally acceptable.

Tip #3: Crocs also makes what appears to be a rubber boot, but it is not lined and would make your feet cold in the snow. Winter crocs are a great asset to add to your winter wardrobe (see left). Even though they have fleece on the inside, they should still be worn with pants only: no jean skirts.