Live to Cheer, Cheer to Live
by Katie Heines, Staff Writer

Even if you don’t like to watch basketball, there will still be a reason to go to boys basketball games this season. The basketball cheerleading squads have taken their cheering to the next level for the 2007-2008 season. Coached by Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Beck, the two squads could potentially be considered the best cheerleading squads in the CVC this year. Regarding the varsity squad, coach Davidson remarked, “We have a great squad and I look forward to working with the squad this year.”
The varsity cheerleading squad is made up of 5 seniors (Leah Fry, Martha Smith, Kelsey Johnson, Angela Harmon, and Kristina Sbrocca) and 3 sophomores (Ellen Kubit, Anita Evans, and Kayleigh Judson). There are two captains: Martha Smith and Kelsey Johnson.
You might think that cheerleading doesn’t take a lot of work, but you are terribly mistaken. The girls attended a vigorous camp at Ashland University this past June. Both squads did extremely well at the camp and the girls were glad that their hard work paid off. “Camp was a lot of fun. We were able to bond as a squad and get to know each other, while also getting fresh new ideas for chants, cheers, and dances. We met girls from other squads and we gained a lot as a group from the experience,” said Martha Smith.
Not only did they attend an exhausting summer camp, but the squad also puts in two hours of practice every single weekday. They also have to put in extra time to make up dances and cheers. Outside of practice, the girls have to fundraise to keep their program alive. They recently hosted a cosmic bowling fundraiser and they will be selling delicious suckers all season.
“My favorite part about being a cheerleader is making dances and then being able to perform them in front of crowds,” said Kelsey Johnson. “It’s nice being able to watch other people enjoy what has come from our hard work.”
These cheerleaders surely have a bright season ahead of them and will be a staple in the entertainment factor of boys basketball games. “Our squad is red hot,” said senior Leah Fry.