Dear Crunch Time Studier:

If the upcoming midterms are causing you massive amounts of stress, you simply need to take a seat, catch a few long deep breaths and just relax. No one is able to study and prepare when he is tense, nervous, frustrated or on the verge of breaking down! The first step (after complete relaxation) is to face the facts; you are going to take midterms. Since you still have a few weeks to prepare, especially over the holiday break, you may want to bust open your books and begin your preparations. Yes, even over the holidays when you are taking a break, unwinding, or out with your friends, it isn’t terribly painful to open your books on a quiet, winter day and do a bit of studying. Simply take it slowly. Break down each subject, possibly doing the hardest one first to get it over with.
After picking a specific subject to work on, it would be in your best interest to make a study guide. That way, a week before mid-terms, instead of scrambling around trying to put together everything you need to study (inevitably becoming overwhelmed by the vast amounts of facts and ideas), you will already have all the information needed to study right in front of you! After that, it will be a breeze. Just simply sit down and study! Perhaps ask some friends or family to lend a hand; your parents will be impressed and your friends will probably appreciate a small push to begin studying themselves. A few thank-you’s might even come your way after midterms have been written.
Whatever you do, try your best not to procrastinate; cramming information into your brain at the last minute will be easily forgotten. If you steadily increase the amount of information you study by a little each day, you will be confident and prepared for your tests. Also, make sure you are well rested and relaxed for your tests. Eat a substantial breakfast and try to clear your mind of other distractions or dilemmas; just concentrate on the test your taking. If you prepare well, stay calm, and try your hardest, midterms won’t seem that terrible at all.