Rudolph, Santa, and Bluebirds
by Abigail Sims, co-Editor

These past few festive weeks of December, the members of Interact have been bustling around town. At the annual Chesterland Christmas tree lighting, despite the rather wet weather, they helped to set up and then enjoyed the beautiful carols and food.
The club then served pancakes, and took photos during the Santa Breakfast on December 8th. They also participated in the ringing of the bell on December 8th and 15th at our local Giant Eagle and Drug Mart.
It is clear that these students continue to think of others even during the holiday season. However, this is not the only time when they show concern for their community. They have recently decided to head up a bluebird recovery project at Orchard Hills. Due to indigenous birds, including the English Sparrow, and a reduced amount of countryside, the bluebirds have lost a great deal of their nesting places in Northeast Ohio. In an effort to increase the number of birds, Interact will be building birdhouses in partnership with the Geauga County Park. In order to do your part in helping their efforts, you can sponsor a Bluebird Nesting Box, which will be customized with a nameplate. Please support these students and help to save these suffering birds!