T.I. Takes a Stand
by Abigail Sims, co-Editor

As a part of Interact, the group known as Teen Institute, or T.I., is comprised of students who wish to spread their beliefs about living drug-free and tobacco-free lives. This past November Lori Sobowleski, Andi Levine and a number of their peers traveled to Camp Burton. They took part in a two day-long retreat, which was sponsored by the Geauga County Teen Institute. During these forty eight hours, they met with new people and discussed methods of building self esteem and making good choices. This wonderful experience taught them how to resist drugs and positively influence others about living a drug free lifestyle and making drug-free choices. In addition to discussing many serious matters, they also played games and took part in a talent show, which was full of singing and skits. This retreat was certainly fulfilling and fantastic for all involved!