Respect the Game. Love the Game.
by Jourdyn Heilinger, Staff Writer

Running up and down the court and scoring a basket as the buzzer sounds in front of cheerful fans, jam-packed into the bleachers, might be overwhelming for some, but for our JV girls basketball team, it is what they look forward to each and every game. These eleven girls show focus, strength and determination whenever they get a hold of the ball.
Returning to the team this year are sophomore Allie Woyton and junior Stephanie Javorek. Freshmen Lauren Kelly, Kori Chapic, Frankie Guarnera, Delaney Fello, Stephanie Schwartz, and Amanda Mazzurco join the team in hopes of an unforgettable season. Captains Lauren Sambula and Amy Reinhard are ready to lead the team to victory.
Varsity coach, Ms. Cheryl Rye, has high hopes for these young girls. “My expectation for the team is that they will really come together and learn a lot about themselves and this team. They will definitely raise their game to the next level.” The team expects to always have positive communication and never give up. Learning each of their strengths and weaknesses will be a key component in doing so. With determination, focus, dedication, and sportsmanship, they will show all of the fans a great season.
These girls have been training and preparing for the upcoming season all summer. They competed in summer league games at Hathaway Brown and attended numerous skill camps. Starting in late October, they have been practicing and getting ready to crush the competition. It’s time to go back to the fundamentals and get a better understanding of the game, not to mention learning new plays that will win them games.