New Board Member: Mr. Michael Kilroy
By Brett Williams, Staff Writer

In the recent school board elections, a new member was elected along with two incumbents (board members who previously were elected). His name is Mr. Michael Kilroy. Mr. Kilroy has made his voice heard the in community on issues concerning decisions made by the previous Board and issues concerning school levies. Our newest board member has taken the time to answer a few questions about himself, his ideas, and his plans for the future.
Q: Why did you want to run for School Board?
A: I was concerned that our school district ranking was falling precipitously. I also felt the board needed help in analyzing the budgets, better fiscal management and to improving the district's technology. I tried to help make positive changes as a private citizen through the FACT committee, but I felt the existing Board ignored the majority of the voters viewpoints. I thought it was important to reestablish trust in the school board.
Q: Where and when did you attend high school?
A: I went to University School and graduated 1975.
Q: Tell us about your family; do you have children, etc.?
A: I am recently remarried and have 4 children. Two by previous marriage and two through my new wife. I have lived in Chesterland since 1995. I participate in Boy Scouts. I have a business background in building and sales. I own my own business.
Q: What kind of changes do you hope to bring about as to how the district is run?
A: I hope to shed light on different ways to analyze problems so that district finances can be administered more thoroughly. I think there is some waste in the administrative areas, for example. I think the voters don't trust the board, which is why levies fail, and I think the voters feel that the school district needs a new set of eyes to help look after the district.
Q: Where and when did you attend college, and what type of degree(s) do you have?
A: I went to Yale, Class of 1979 and have an MBA from the University of
Virginia, 1983.
Q: What is your career?
A: I am part of a family business now but have worked in finance for IBM for 7 years, constructed residential homes on the East Coast for 4 years and worked in private equity financing in New York City before returning to Cleveland in 1995.
Q: Some people saw the campaign for school board to be “angry” at times and confrontational between two groups with very different visions of how the schools should be run. What do you plan to do to “mend the fences” of the two groups? Is that even possible?
A: The million dollar question. First, it takes two to tango. What is most important is to improve the school district for the children. Hopefully, the Board will accept that I was elected to office with the most votes, which means something. In short, the voters would like some change and some new ideas. Since all three incumbents were not voted out, the voters are asking for all parties to work together with some healthy change. I have already tried to start mending the fences by leading by example and raising money for technology for the District. I have already personally committed $1,400 towards a Smart Board and am doing my elected board job for FREE. That money [the salary] can be applied to technology.