Skating with Sticks
by Joe Delanis, Staff Writer

After a difficult 0-7 start to its season, the West Geauga hockey team seems to be on the upswing following a 7-0 rout of Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy this past Saturday, December 8. Of course, some hard times and adjustments were expected with a new coach, Mr. Justin Madden, who took over as head coach from Mr. Jon Rice, under whom Coach Madden served as an assistant since December of last season.
With 15 players on the ice, including dynamic seniors Joe Totino and Joe Tranchita, along with brothers Chuckie and Johnny Bolt, junior and freshman, respectively, the team was poised for its current breakout. In spite of the initial rough start, this team’s year of off-season workouts seems to be paying off and they are pumped up for the rest of the season and the CVC Christmas Tournament, where, in Coach Madden’s words, “…every player is a key player.”
With all the work everyone has put in and their recent success, Coach Madden feels that “…[winning the] division and to compet[ing] in the city high school playoffs,” is an attainable goal.