Spots for State!
by Rich Egnot, Staff Writer

Around the West Geauga schools, a new campaign has begun. Students have been petitioning to have the spotted salamander become Ohio’s state amphibian. The issue was brought to the high school by 8th grader, Sean Cooper, who is a member of the local wetlands exploration group, WET.
WET has been petitioning to the state legislature for the salamander for the past year and hopes to see it triumph over the opposing candidate, the bullfrog. “I think the salamander is a better representative of Ohio than a carnivore like the bullfrog,” said environmental science teacher, Mr. Mike Sustin, who has been handing out postcards, along with several other science teachers, for students to fill out and send to the state, supporting the petition.
With any luck, we will hopefully see the spotted salamander added to the list of state animals by 2008.