Tis’ the Season
by Tim Balkovec, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again when the snow is falling and everyone is in one jolly mood. Christmas is the time to receive wonderful gifts but also to give presents. I am here to help you give that special person in your life, your parents, brothers and sisters, or even your “shawty”, the present that he or she deserves.
Some of the hottest gifts this year are some expensive buys: the iPod and the iPhone are items every person wants to get.
“I’d really like a new computer for Christmas,” said junior Mark Delpra, which has been a big fad to want a computer for the past few years for young adults.
“I just want to be loved,” said Mr. Brian Spotts one of the school’s finest teachers.
Now it’s time to talk about the hottest gift of this year, the Sockem’ Boppers. The Sockem’ Boppers are large pillows that fit around your hand. The boppers are making a comeback and the fad is coming around again.
Don’t be cheap this year, West Geauga. Buy a nice present for your loved ones and make the most out of the holidays.