What is Derbisol, Anyways?
by Katie Heines, Staff Writer

On Thursday, February 7th, every WGHS student took a “timeout” from 6th period to take a survey called, “Communities That Care.” Everyone cooperated and filled out the packets, but why? Many students carefully placed their confidential booklets into the room’s envelope with a giant question mark over their heads as to why they were asked questions like, “Are you in a gang?” or “How often do you do things that make you feel good, no matter what?”
Very few West Geauga High School students actually knew anything about the survey; they just cooperated because it was better than sitting through 20 minutes of class. However, we asked Principal Mr. Dave Toth a few questions about the survey and were able to get the “DL” on Communities That Care.
The survey was issued by the Geauga County Health Department, and all the packets were sent back once we filled them out. All Geauga County schools endured the process and all of these schools were assessed equally.
The survey’s goal was to pinpoint which activities West Geauga High School students partake in most often, which drugs are most available, and how dangerous our everyday lives are. It may sound ridiculous to those people who chose to not take it seriously, but the survey actually served a good purpose. The Geauga County Health Department used all of our answers in order to evaluate at risk behaviors that take place within local high schools.
Of course, we can’t talk about the survey without mentioning the infamous drug that was included in the questionnaire, though. You might have seen the word, “Derbisol,” on your paper, and if you put that you have tried this “drug,” your survey became instantly worthless. According to Wikipedia, “Derbisol is a fictitious drug used in questionnaires by some academic surveys to test the reliability of answers received by students.” What they’re trying to say is that if you said that you’ve tried Derbisol, the survey readers know that you are “full of it” and they throw your packet away.
Thanks to all WGHS students who cooperated and filled out the surveys properly. The results we receive back will surely help our school to fight violence and crime in the future!