Eric Lu, Smartest Man on Earth
by Tim Balkovec, Staff Writer

Scoring a perfect on the ACT is something not many people can do. That’s right, perfect on the ACT, a 36! After scoring just that on his ACT, Eric Lu still hasn’t decided where he is going to college, but he is going to be a great influence on our society. Eric has applied to Ohio State, CWRU, Northwestern, Washington University in St. Louis, and a few Ivy League schools.
There wasn’t much Eric did to prepare for this brutal test. He did however, look at some sample questions online. This means that his mind is one of the greatest in the nation. Eric only took the test once, but he nailed it. In 2007, only 85 people in the nation managed to score a perfect on the ACT.
Eric’s life at West Geauga consist of Marching Band, Mock Trial, Latin Club, Ultimate Frisbee, and he is a huge contributor to Student Council. His grades at West G are a cumulative GPA of 4.418, and his favorite class is Latin with Mr. Prueter.
“Eric is methodical and diligent and sees value in studying difficult material,” said Mr. Prueter. If you’re wondering how he did on the SAT, he managed to score a 2260 in all combined sections out of 2400.
Eric said his parents are one of his biggest influences with how they traveled from China to America.
Eric was also a finalist for the “King of Hearts” where he fell short to Lucas Keon. “Lucas deserved it and won fairly,” said Eric.
Eric is one of the best people at West Geauga High School because of how he treats everyone and how hard he works. Best of luck to Eric Lu.