Field Stars
by Jordan Jukiewicz, Staff Writer

As high jumpers, long jumpers, pole vault, discus and shot put throwers prepare for the start of their 2006 field season, Coach Witherite has high hopes for the months to come. “I expect us to be very competitive in the conference this year, especially the girls,” says Witherite.
Mr. Williams will continue helping high jumpers achieve maximum height, and Mr. Polando will continue helping the hurdlers improve their times. Other coaches for this year are Mr. Boylan, the boys head coach, Mr. Taurasi, the girls head coach, and Ms. Cooey, the long jump coach.
Practices start Monday, March 6th and there are expected to be 25 to 40 runners, throwers and jumpers this season! The first track meet isn’t until March 29th, so our track and field stars will have only a number of days to get back into their sport! Good luck to everyone this season.