Following Foreign Dreams
by Meghan Offtermatt, Assistant Editor

In a January 25th article in the Plain Dealer, columnist Connie Schultz featured a story on the Shaw High School Marching Band and its recent honor as one of the five high school bands in the United States to be invited to play at the Olympics in China. Although the representation at the Olympics bears a profound honor, it also bears a large sum that each team must pay to reach its goals. This sum is $220,000, thus beginning the feature story on the band, and the hope that avid readers might pitch in to help a less privileged school reach its dreams.
Three weeks ago, a bake sale was held at the West Geauga High School in order to help raise money for the Shaw High School Band efforts. The bake sale lasted from February 12th to February 14th and raised $335.00. Those students who participated by purchasing or simply by donating, your donation is greatly appreciated, not only by myself, but by the Shaw High School Band as well.
The January 25th article had vast impact and $220,000 plus has already been raised, thus ensuring the band’s trip to China. This money does not include fees for when they arrive in China, therefore, the money that has been collected here will hopefully aid the band in further costs after arriving.
Thank you for supporting a fellow, local school! With the help of the community and the members surrounding the school, dreams can now be followed.